Family Law

Trial Attorney Elizabeth Gaba has more than 25 years of courtroom experience and has practiced in more than 25 Ohio counties.

While she always attempts, at the start of a new case, to find avenues to settle a case promptly and discreetly, she does so with the understanding that any settlement must be favorable to her client’s best interest, and with their specific approval. Where an equitable and reasonable settlement cannot be achieved, she will unhesitatingly let the opposition know that she is most comfortable in a courtroom setting, where the case will go to a full and formal trial on all significant issues. She is organized and aggressive both in her preparation of cases destined for a trial, as well as in the trial itself.

Trial Attorney Gaba has achieved her knowledge of the domestic relations field of law, first, from familiarity and review of the black letter law, the statutes of the Ohio Revised Code, decisions of Courts of Appeal, and decisions of the Ohio Supreme Court. Further, two decades of practical experience has familiarized her with the day-to-day tactics of legal combat, in which complex and contorted cases are laid out to the court, to achieve a winning position.

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