Sample Legal Documents

Below are examples of the many types of complex legal documents that trial Attorney Gaba (and her office staff) are able to write for her clients.

The FIRST type of document is a Petition for the Issuance of a Writ Of Habeas Corpus. It was submitted to the Ohio Supreme Court.

The SECOND type of document is the appeal of a conviction in a criminal case (at the municipal court level). Trial Attorney Elizabeth Gaba did not represent the defendant at the trial level. After the trial which ended in a conviction, was over, the defendant hired Attorney Gaba. She took the case to the Court of Appeals. The legal word “appellee” refers to the ‘winner’ of the case at the trial level. In this instance, the “winner” of the case at the trial level was the prosecutor’s office representing the State of Ohio. The “appellant” refers to the person who was not successful at the trial level (i.e. the convicted defendant).

The THIRD type of document is a motion submitted to a Court of Common Pleas, previous to the case going to a formal trial. The motion requested that a search be declared illegal, because it violated the defendant’s constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure. After the motion is the judge’s decision agreeing with Defense Attorney Gaba’s legal argument. The final two documents show that the case against Nicolette T**** was “thrown out”.

The FOURTH type of document is a pre-trial motion to the Court of Common Pleas. The motion declares that the indictment and trial that was supposed to take place would violate the Defendant’s right to not be subjected to Ex Post Facto laws. The motion asks that the indictment be dismissed and the felony case be “thrown out”. After the motion is the judge’s decision. The judge agreed with Trial Attorney Gaba and the case was dismissed.

Any and all persons who are reading this web site, and find that these legal documents are helpful to themselves, are freely granted permission to copy and download these legal documents. They demonstrate how these types documents are to be organized and structured. Further they show how legal arguments are set forth in a continuous flow of legal concepts and are presented to the reviewing court. Additionally, they show how identical or substantially similar cases, which have already been decided by a reviewing court earlier in time, are to be formally cited within a brief.

The legal documents that are about to be shown, which were written by trial attorney Elizabeth Gaba, are TRUE, ACTUAL, REAL, AND AUTHENTIC documents which were presented to one of three courts: i.e. the Ohio Supreme Court, Court of Appeals or Court of Common Pleas. Names of the persons accused have been “re-assigned” and modified from the person’s actual name.

To access these 4 legal documents, please contact us.