Additional Legal Services

In addition to providing legal assistance for persons needing help with criminal trial representation and criminal appeals cases, at both the felony and misdemeanor levels, trial Attorney Gaba also represents clients with domestic relations / family law matters.

Attorney Gaba represents both men and women with domestic relations matters, such as termination of marriage cases (Contested Divorces requiring a trial, Uncontested divorces, and Dissolutions of marriage). This includes cases where there are trial issues of: (a) establishment of paternity, (b) custody of children, (c) child support matters, (d) spousal support matters, (e) visitation matters, (f) division of marital assets, (g) allocation of pension rights, and (h) fair and equitable allocation of marital debts; and other similar topics.

Attorney Gaba also represents both men and women, assisting them with post-decree trial matters, such as: (a) change of custody, (b) modification of child support awards, (c) enforcement of child support orders,
(d) enforcement of child visitation schedules, (e) re-determination of spousal support awards, and (f) domestic “contempt” regarding a former spouse’s alleged failure to follow a written provision of a domestic relations decree, and other similar topics.

It continues to be the policy of the Office of Attorney Gaba NOT TO CHARGE A FEE TO POTENTIAL CLIENTS - - for a reasonable amount of time necessary to examine and evaluate a person's
legal needs.